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Suhoor Bites #05 - Jumping and Giggling.

Osama talks to his friend and co-worker Hasan Al Salman about the differences between celebrating Ramadhan with family, and alone.

Suhoor Bites #04 - Rami & Noura Beiruti

Rami interviews Noura Beiruti, game developer.

Suhoor Bites #03 - Fawzi's #10

Fawzi counts down his top 10 favorite TV drama shows.

Suhoor Bites #02 - The Big Family

Osama talks to his friend Khalid about Ramadan experiences and stories. Episode Links: - Guest Twitter: https://twitter.com/naitzlaykhalid - Guest Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/knaitzlay

Suhoor Bites #01 - Rami & Faris Attieh

Rami interviews Faris Attieh, founder of Lunacy Studios, a distributed Arab-led games studio making games about authentic stories from Arab perspectives.

Don't Tell Fawzi

This week 2 of the habibis talk about 2 big things, 2 small games, and read at least 2 e-mails!

Your Host, Frank Anderson-Smith

In this extra-long episode, the Habibis do attempt to discuss serious topics, probably, but they mostly use Osama's claim to a new meta as to who 'hosts' the episode to completely derail all and any serious conversation.

Kol Sana We Entom Tayibeen

It might be hard to believe, but this is episode 53 of The Habibis, and that means this is episode 1 of year 2.

The Habibi's Game of the Year 2021

This week the habibis discuss the The Habibi's Game of the Year 2021.

Osama's Secret

This week the habibis talk MCU, Video Games, and Osama shares a secret!

Space Horse

This week the habibis talk the Game Awards, some game announcements, and something about a space horse??

A Tribute To Fawzi

Fawzi is still out getting some rest, and so we decided to dedicate this week's episode to him! We also talk games, TV shows, and read some wonderful e-mails!

Lucky Me

Fawzi is getting some well-deserved R&R, so the remaining habibis tagged in Mo Al-Khatib to talk games, flying, and bike polo!

Unpacking Time

The Habibis talk about super serious subjects, but also about Unpacking again because it is that good. We finally get to talk about Shang-Chi, and also Battlefield 2042 (Mabrouk ya Fawzi!), and also Osama can finally read some e-mails.

Problems with Authority

Osama is on Arab Time this week, so Fawzi and Rami talk about video games and reach an interesting conclusion about authority.


The habibis talk about aging, the creative process, and our new gamepass sponsorship!

Doctor 7ub

Rami forgot to upload the audio file because he was stuck racing through the UK trying to make it to a flight. He did not make it to the flight. Also, Osama talks about love.

Mom, I Punched Frodo

The Habibis talk about Metroid, SWERY, Back 4 Blood, and about the time Rami punched Frodo.

Arab Arab Arab

Rami doesn't quite know what is happening because he's sitting in a car in a Burger King parking lot, but luckily Fawzi and Osama can help him figure things out.

Three game developers drinking some good Arab tea hosted by Rami, Osama and Fawzi.

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