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Royalty Share

Fawzi & Osama talk about games, and all the other stuff that went down this last week. Also, Osama agrees to an absolutely formally binding royalty share with Fawzi.

High Highs

Fawzi & Rami talk about why Osama couldn't make it to this episode.

The Final Countdown

After a few weeks of hiatus, Rami, Fawzi, and Osama get back together to catch up on games, TV series, and... karaoke?

Bad Boy (Anisa-Rated)

Note: as this is an episode featuring Anisa, there is cursing as the edit-time to remove the cursing would exceed the full lifespan of the universe.  Fawzi & Rami...

What Arab?

Arab Rami, Arab Fawzi, and Arab Osama are three Arab Game Developers Arab-drinking Good Arab Tea.


Osama & Rami congratulate Fawzi on the announcement of Assassins' Creed Mirage.

Fawzi Is Also Here

Rami, Osama, and also Fawzi catch up on the events of the week.

Bokra after Bokra

This time with proper microphones, Osama, Fawzi, and Rami run out of time to discuss all the things they want to talk about this episode.

Double Take

So, disclaimer: we messed up the recording. We're posting it anyway because the talk is good, but we fully understand if you can't stomach the super-echo.

AI-generated doilies

Fawzi, Rami, and Osama talk about AI? Is that right? Yeah, actually - AI.

Speaking of Whips

The three Habibis get back together for a lot of catching up, and everything descends into beautiful chaos.

A New Record

It's been a while! Osama and Fawzi finally find a gap in their schedules to record a new episode, and it starts off well!

A Bad Cow For Charity

Fawzi, Osama, and Rami are joined by Brosephene in a special episode for Draw4Charity, a livestream marathon for charity happening the weekend of this episode, July 15...

Episode Seventy-Six-and-Seven

It's hard to make Rami stop talking, but Osama finds a way.

Habibis In A Half-Shell

Osama & Fawzi talk about absolutely-not-copyrighted-things.

Tokyo Nice

Osama and Fawzi talk about their week.

I Wasn't Young, I Was A Child

Rami posted this for the wrong date so it's a few days late. Fawzi & Rami talk about being old and having gadgets!

The Difference Between Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Rami talks about too many gadgets, and Osama ponders what the difference between Dubai & Abu Dhabi is.

Some Wasabi

Fawzi and Rami talk about aviation, live performances, and Fawzi's love for The Wire's writers' new series, We Own This City.

Sprite Won't Fix That

The Habibis and guest Nazih Fares consider what Sprite, the most magical medicine, won't fix.

Butter Segue

The Habibis try to tackle 12 different subjects in one hour.

Suhoor Bites #29 - He Was A Druid

Osama talks to Najim Filali Saksak. Guest links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/NajimCG LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/najimfs/

Suhoor Bites #28 - Fawzi's #1

Fawzi counts down his top 10 favorite TV drama shows.

Suhoor Bites #27 - Rami & Mayar Hamdan

Rami interviews Mayar Hamdan, multidisciplinary storyteller.

Suhoor Bites #25 - Fawzi's #2

Fawzi counts down his top 10 favorite TV drama shows.

Three game developers drinking some good Arab tea hosted by Rami, Osama and Fawzi.

Intro music by Malik Zubailah. Logo by Ibrahim Hamdi.

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